Yard Ramps from Industrial Toolz


Product Details and Specifications

If you’re looking to provide your customers with the best in material handling solutions, look no further than yard ramps from Industrial Toolz. Our yard ramps, both portable and stationary, are incredibly durable, capable (with proper maintenance) of standing up to years of constant use. They’re cost-effective, flexible and safe.

ITz Yard Ramps

ITz Industrial Toolz Yard Ramp for Loading and Unloading
Yard ramps can be customized to suit their intended application. With our extensive custom ramps, you will find something that meets your needs.

Ground-to-Truck and Dock-to-Ground

Yard Ramps are ideal for a number of different shipping situations. For businesses without a dedicated loading bay, “Ground-to-truck” ramps (pictured above) are a popular choice. These are portable ramps that can be moved anywhere they’re needed and set up in a matter of minutes. Wheels on the bottom in the middle of the ramp make relocating the ramp a breeze. The undercarriage with its 2-speed manually adjustable landing gear has dual 9″ steel wheels. The landing gear has a range of 43″ – 62″. While the standard length for our ramps is 28 feet, ground-to-truck ramps come with a “level-off”, a 8 foot portion at the top of the ramp that flattens out to make it easy as possible for the forklift operator to maneuver in and out of the truck.

“Dock-to-ground” ramps, on the other hand, are meant for more stationary use. These yard ramps are built, as the name implies, to be used with an established loading dock. Dock-to-ground ramps are frequently secured to the loading bay with a series of attached chains, making them unshakably sturdy and safe.

General Specifications

Our standard and custom yard ramps can be built with a fully-tested weight capacity of anywhere from 16,000 – 60,000+ pounds, with varying lengths and widths to suit our customer’s needs. Our standard product line features ramps, both portable and stationary. Of course, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to create just the right ramp for your customer.

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